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Q&A about my novel (2 of 2): Who am I to write a novel about Syria?!

Yesterday I posted the answers to some questions a very gracious book reviewer posed to me about my novel Dreams in the Medina, a coming-of-age tale about university women in Syria. Yesterday’s questions were about the education and worldview of … Continue reading

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Q&A about my novel (1 of 2): What is education and enlightenment like for Syrian women?

Last week, I was thrilled when someone who read my book Dreams in the Medina emailed to ask if she could write a review. Of course, I said, I was honoured she asked! In order to do the review, she … Continue reading

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Hopeful Links

I gotta be honest… I found a lot more hope-shattering links this week than hope-filling. Since I’ve pledged to stay hopeful on CulturTwined through the end of 2012, I’ve been sharing those with anyone on the twittersphere who might have … Continue reading

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Syrians who have inspired me – Mr. Kamal. Chapter 7

Today I want to talk about a man I met in Syria who I found inspiring, but I just realised that he’s really one of a kind. Which means there’s not much I could say about him that would keep … Continue reading

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Monday Mining CulturTwining on the Web

Hi, friends… I’ve seen some interesting things online this weekend. I’d love to read through them all together with you, and discuss them over coffee, but instead I’ll try to share just a few that have at least some thin … Continue reading

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Monday Mining CulturTwining on the Web: Gender

This week, there were quite a few interesting articles about gender relations on the web. If nothing else, they serve as a good reminder, that the distance between men and women remains vast. But that women are actively pointing out … Continue reading

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Monday Mining – The heart of the matter

On weekends, I usually try to catch up with the blogs and news sites that I follow but that I can’t seem able to keep up with during the week. That’s why on Mondays, I usually try to post links … Continue reading

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Culturtwining Misunderstanding – gotta love it!

I’d totally forgotten about this but it just cracked me up all over again. Hope you enjoy! A co-wife?, somewhere in the Middle East, 2 September 2008 Imagine this scenario, then tell me, can you explain how the arab girl … Continue reading

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Before I Judge… by Shanda

GUEST POST!! WhenI first saw Shanda’s blog, I immediately thought she’s someone I should follow closely. After all, she may possible have lived in more places than me! And her stories ooze of wisdom… the type of wisdom that comes … Continue reading

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I personally am of the opinion that I know the next Mother Theresa.

A true sister, 25 July 2008 (location unidentified, because that’s how we do things) There’s a convent here with just a handful of nuns here busy saving the world, one person at a time. They try to keep a low … Continue reading

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