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Solidarity Turkey-Brazil: #OccupyGezi + #VemPraRua – Two videos to reflect the spirit behind the movements

I’m temporarily living in Turkey. I grew up in Brazil. These two countries have all of a sudden been linked by a deep but unusual bond: the people have risen up, right now, in June 2013, to express their passion … Continue reading

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my little photoblog of Istanbul’s #OccupyGezi in Taksim Square

I’m living just down the street from the place-where-it-all-began here in Turkey. If you haven’t seen the news, amazing things are happening in Turkey these days! Last weekend, environmental protests were violently rebuffed by the police and large-scale rioting broke … Continue reading

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How can humanity…?

I was just looking through my twitter feed and learned about the bombing in Benghazi today. To be specific, a hospital in Benghazi. At least 2 children dead, they’re saying. But it’s hard for me to react the way such news … Continue reading

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Some happy Istanbul Photos

I’m not the best photographer in the world, and really, this isn’t a travel blog, though maybe it should be considering how much I travel. But Istanbul was one of the first times I’ve ever gone anywhere just to have … Continue reading

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Cats, souvenirs and mosques – a taste of Istanbul tourism

Yes, I’m back from Istanbul. Been back a week, actually, but wow how time gets away from me! It was such a long week, so much happened, and yet it flew by. So, this was my first time staying in … Continue reading

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Armenia and Turkey: the power of CulturTwining

Tanya and I were walking down the hallway that was yellowed with time and dirt. It had the feel of an old soviet prison, and really, that’s pretty much what a university residence block in Damascus was. I couldn’t be … Continue reading

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Monday Mining: Culturtwining on the Web

Every Monday on CulturTwined, I’m hoping to have a number of interesting links to articles I’ve seen in the past week about culturtwining around the world. Do you have some good links? Put them in the comments section and I’ll … Continue reading

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