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American showing off like a local… at a café in Camberwell

Today I went to do some work in a charming café that’s not too far from my home. It was my first time there – I’d walked by before and it had looked a little bit too nice and I … Continue reading

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In search of Hope in London

The big city is pretty funny. There’s so much reason to hope, but I’m just not seeing it. I sit on the bus and look at the people around me. They don’t look hopeful. They don’t look hopeless, either, they … Continue reading

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do we really judge ourselves so bluntly?

If you’re in London, is this how you perceive New York? If you’re in New York, is this how you perceive London? Is there any rationale even to the existence of a publication called “Explaining Londoners”? I remember before I … Continue reading

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Monday Mining CulturTwining on the Web

Hi, friends… I’ve seen some interesting things online this weekend. I’d love to read through them all together with you, and discuss them over coffee, but instead I’ll try to share just a few that have at least some thin … Continue reading

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You know you work in the field when you’re the only one in jeans

A friend invited me to join him at the World Travel Market event in London yesterday. He didn’t bother to tell me that I had to be a tourism professional to attend (even though I guess I actually am) – … Continue reading

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I feel rather awful

I was riding the tube home this evening, focusing intently on the work I’d brought with me to do… I was determined to finish before I arrived home. About 15 minutes into the hour-long ride, a woman got on. I … Continue reading

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Am I a Londoner already? That was fast.

I lived in the UK for three years before setting foot in London. I often commented that I loved England but London just freaked-me-out. This was all because of an unfortunate experience I’d had on my first visit to this … Continue reading

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