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How can humanity…?

I was just looking through my twitter feed and learned about the bombing in Benghazi today. To be specific, a hospital in Benghazi. At least 2 children dead, they’re saying. But it’s hard for me to react the way such news … Continue reading

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We interrupt these protests for a youtube video

A couple of days ago, I came across this tweet from @LeShaque: “In Douma, Syrian protested the movie for 30 secs before switching back to revolution mode | http://bit.ly/U28NP3  #Syria“ And even though I’d been horrified to hear of the … Continue reading

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Monday Mining: Culturtwining on the Web

Every Monday on CulturTwined, I’m hoping to have a number of interesting links to articles I’ve seen in the past week about culturtwining around the world. Do you have some good links? Put them in the comments section and I’ll … Continue reading

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