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How Za’atari became a city

“They’re Syrians, after all. What did you expect?” This is the mantra being passed around among humanitarian aid specialists, NGO representatives, UN personnel and other people working with Syrian refugees in Jordan. It’s the reason given to explain that the … Continue reading

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Young men festering – Syrian refugees in Jordan

I had the opportunity to chat recently with someone who works with Syrian refugees. The project he works on provides meaningful educational and social activities for Syrian youth. To my amazement, he said that his largest concern is the young … Continue reading

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Jordan, land of refuge

Jordan. The first thing I was told upon arrival in Jordan is that, since the days of the Bible, there has been a promise on this country that it would be a safe harbour, a shelter for others. Palestine lies … Continue reading

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Crats = Cats+Rats

Here is a memory I’d forgotten! I generally don’t think culturtwining involves non-humans, so maybe this isn’t really a culturtwined story. But it’s about living somewhere different, and it’s just simply worth remembering. CRATS, Amman, Jordan, 1 November 2008 I … Continue reading

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A more sobering glance behind the veil – they’re not all like this!

She Likes Bright Colours, Jordan, 24 September 2008 Is it possible for someone to “mumble” into a room? The way she walked looked kind of like a mumble. Small steps, eyes looking nowhere in particular. Her hijab and abaya were … Continue reading

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