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Today I saw a random fight break out, and it gave me hope

Today my housemate and I finally ventured out to the famed Prince Islands, the perfect weekend day-trip in Istanbul. An hour-long ferry ride gets you away from the city – except for the fact you can still see it across … Continue reading

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Solidarity Turkey-Brazil: #OccupyGezi + #VemPraRua – Two videos to reflect the spirit behind the movements

I’m temporarily living in Turkey. I grew up in Brazil. These two countries have all of a sudden been linked by a deep but unusual bond: the people have risen up, right now, in June 2013, to express their passion … Continue reading

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Every few minutes a boom… the morning after police cleared Gezi Park

I am currently living on the top floor of an old building on a heavily trafficked side road by the famed Istiklal Caddesi pedestrian-only street, a stone’s throw from Taksim Square. Last Saturday evening my housemates and I sat on … Continue reading

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my little photoblog of Istanbul’s #OccupyGezi in Taksim Square

I’m living just down the street from the place-where-it-all-began here in Turkey. If you haven’t seen the news, amazing things are happening in Turkey these days! Last weekend, environmental protests were violently rebuffed by the police and large-scale rioting broke … Continue reading

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the ironies

Did you know that I left Cairo the day before their famed Arab Spring protests began? I’d been there for a conference and was staying right in the city centre – where the protests happened. Then I moved back to … Continue reading

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Where in the world is Kati Woronka?

Why, in a charming little café in one of the most  – possibly THE most – magical city in the world. Where else would she be? Most of my blog readers are my friends and have followed my movements during … Continue reading

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Some happy Istanbul Photos

I’m not the best photographer in the world, and really, this isn’t a travel blog, though maybe it should be considering how much I travel. But Istanbul was one of the first times I’ve ever gone anywhere just to have … Continue reading

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So… I’m off to Istanbul, Turkey in the morning. One of the awesomest cities in this world. I’ve been to many awesome cities so I feel like I know what I talk about when I say Istanbul is A-MA-ZING. And, … Continue reading

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