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Syrians who have inspired me – Mr. Kamal. Chapter 7

Today I want to talk about a man I met in Syria who I found inspiring, but I just realised that he’s really one of a kind. Which means there’s not much I could say about him that would keep … Continue reading

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A Day for Women

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. I never miss it, because it’s also my brother’s birthday. But this year I couldn’t have missed it anyway – it seems there were countless blogs and news articles touting the occasion! Honestly, I didn’t … Continue reading

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Monday Mining CulturTwining on the Web: Gender

This week, there were quite a few interesting articles about gender relations on the web. If nothing else, they serve as a good reminder, that the distance between men and women remains vast. But that women are actively pointing out … Continue reading

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monday mining culturtwining on the web

This week, much of the web has been pondering the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I have a few interesting 9/11 links below, but first, some other fun and not-so-happy links: Travelling as a woman is great! In a lot of … Continue reading

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