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Some interesting links on a Monday

As I look back to interesting articles I’ve come across this week, once again I seem to have tagged many articles about Syria, many painful articles about Syria. But today I want to be a little bit more cheery and … Continue reading

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Hopeful Links

I gotta be honest… I found a lot more hope-shattering links this week than hope-filling. Since I’ve pledged to stay hopeful on CulturTwined through the end of 2012, I’ve been sharing those with anyone on the twittersphere who might have … Continue reading

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These Things Take Time? How much time?!

Yesterday, I came across a rather thought-provoking article. It provides a valuable, even if a bit politico-economically obtuse, review of history of Latin America. If you have five minutes, please do read it. I also love that it came with … Continue reading

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Monday Mining CulturTwining on the Web

Hi, friends… I’ve seen some interesting things online this weekend. I’d love to read through them all together with you, and discuss them over coffee, but instead I’ll try to share just a few that have at least some thin … Continue reading

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Monday Mining Culturtwining on the Web… random goodness

Warning: this post is full of random bits and pieces of stuff, but they’re all so good I wanted to include them all! So many fascinating things going on in the news this week! First off, here’s my running list … Continue reading

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