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Solidarity Turkey-Brazil: #OccupyGezi + #VemPraRua – Two videos to reflect the spirit behind the movements

I’m temporarily living in Turkey. I grew up in Brazil. These two countries have all of a sudden been linked by a deep but unusual bond: the people have risen up, right now, in June 2013, to express their passion … Continue reading

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Mercado Municipal

Covent Garden, Lexington Market… every big, cosmopolitan, wealthy city has one: a place that used to be a run-down, filthy market for wholesale of vegetables, meat, flowers, and any other fresh produce imaginable. A place that is now edgy, alternative, … Continue reading

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the process of settling down again, then hitting the road again

I’m in Sāo Paulo, Brasil. There could be no more anonymous thing to tell you, than that I am in this enormous bustling city. I come back once every two years, unfortunately my visits have been becoming shorter and shorter, … Continue reading

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monday mining culturtwining on the web

This week, much of the web has been pondering the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I have a few interesting 9/11 links below, but first, some other fun and not-so-happy links: Travelling as a woman is great! In a lot of … Continue reading

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