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Hunger Games and Syrian Children

This weekend, I watched the film Hunger Games. I know, I know, I arrived at that show a bit late. But I knew it would be intense viewing so I wanted to be prepared and a brutal sinus thingy ensured … Continue reading

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Some gutsy CulturTwining?

As you watch this, think to yourself: What would you do? I’m really curious and I promise not to judge you: If you’re willing to share your answer to my question (‘what would you do?’) in the comments, I’d love … Continue reading

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Christmas has gone global!

Well, the truth is, Christmas has absolutely indeed gone global. People all over the world, regardless of their religion, love Christmas. Even so, though, it sometimes feels like us “Christian” countries do impose it on everyone else. This video may … Continue reading

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More Dharma and Greg CulturTwining

I couldn’t resist… this clip is PERFECT culturtwining! [youtube][/youtube]

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The best CulturTwining on TV ever

This is the inaugural episode of my new blog! I’m so excited for the discussion and exploration of diversity that we can have in this space. I thought I’d start with a clip from one of the best Hollywood portrayals … Continue reading

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