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Coming to Grips with Beautiful Israel and Charming Palestine

(popping by after a full year’s silence to share about a recent culturtwining adventure that was particularly poignant to me) My aunt was a fervent supporter of Israel. I, on the other hand, have spent my entire career surrounded by … Continue reading

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Today I saw a random fight break out, and it gave me hope

Today my housemate and I finally ventured out to the famed Prince Islands, the perfect weekend day-trip in Istanbul. An hour-long ferry ride gets you away from the city – except for the fact you can still see it across … Continue reading

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the ironies

Did you know that I left Cairo the day before their famed Arab Spring protests began? I’d been there for a conference and was staying right in the city centre – where the protests happened. Then I moved back to … Continue reading

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Where in the world is Kati Woronka?

Why, in a charming little café in one of the most  – possibly THE most – magical city in the world. Where else would she be? Most of my blog readers are my friends and have followed my movements during … Continue reading

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Jordan, land of refuge

Jordan. The first thing I was told upon arrival in Jordan is that, since the days of the Bible, there has been a promise on this country that it would be a safe harbour, a shelter for others. Palestine lies … Continue reading

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Culture shock across the pond

Way back in 2012, before New Years, before Christmas, before the debt ceiling crisis peaked and before the snowstorms or flooding (depending on which country you’re in), I posted a holiday greeting on CulturTwined. During the holidays I checked out … Continue reading

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Have a HOPEful Christmas

On Sunday, I am off to spend the holidays with my niece and nephew (and their parents, and their great-grandparents – sadly, the grandparents won’t be there). I’m so excited – I feel like such a grown-up using my frequent … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Romania…

This last week I was in Romania. I was participating in some rather intense meetings in Romania. They were good, but we talked and talked and talked. About a lot of stuff. So I couldn’t say that I got to … Continue reading

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I’m in Romania right now. Transylvania, to be specific. Yup, Vampire land. Never been here before, and I don’t know much about it. But it’s an exciting new adventure, eh? Maybe there will be some interesting Romania stories to tell … Continue reading

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Some happy Istanbul Photos

I’m not the best photographer in the world, and really, this isn’t a travel blog, though maybe it should be considering how much I travel. But Istanbul was one of the first times I’ve ever gone anywhere just to have … Continue reading

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