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a new culture

So, where have I been for the past few weeks, you ask? Well, I’ve been moving into my new home! Yes, my culturtwining days are taking a new route, setting off on an untred road, venturing into new horizons. I … Continue reading

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Some gutsy CulturTwining?

As you watch this, think to yourself: What would you do? I’m really curious and I promise not to judge you: If you’re willing to share your answer to my question (‘what would you do?’) in the comments, I’d love … Continue reading

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“It’s hard to believe in God when… you know… you don’t”

I was listening to a drama on Radio 4 this morning, and at one point in the conversation, one of the characters was trying to explain why she was so frustrated that things in her life were not working out … Continue reading

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Monday Mining CulturTwining on the Web: Gender

This week, there were quite a few interesting articles about gender relations on the web. If nothing else, they serve as a good reminder, that the distance between men and women remains vast. But that women are actively pointing out … Continue reading

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A great tour guide to Greek culture

Today I have the honour of posting another story written by the lovely Lotus. If you missed her previous guest post, you should visit there once you’ve read this! And then check out her blog. This past Saturday I went … Continue reading

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More Dharma and Greg CulturTwining

I couldn’t resist… this clip is PERFECT culturtwining! [youtube][/youtube]

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“Voluntourism”…”Poverty Tourism”…”Short-term Missions”

This week, as I started mining the web for come culturtwining goodness, not much caught my eye… except for some blogs and articles published over the course of the last couple of months about this increasingly polemical topic which goes … Continue reading

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Korean classes? Yeah right

The other day I picked up and took my work to a local café, as I am prone to do. As a bit of background, two facts: first, I’m staying with family in a largely-Korean neighbourhood. Probably half the residents … Continue reading

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Armenia and Turkey: the power of CulturTwining

Tanya and I were walking down the hallway that was yellowed with time and dirt. It had the feel of an old soviet prison, and really, that’s pretty much what a university residence block in Damascus was. I couldn’t be … Continue reading

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The best CulturTwining on TV ever

This is the inaugural episode of my new blog! I’m so excited for the discussion and exploration of diversity that we can have in this space. I thought I’d start with a clip from one of the best Hollywood portrayals … Continue reading

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