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My opinion about the World Vision same-sex marriage controversy this week

I’m not really into politics and controversy, and I generally work really hard to avoid having – or, at least, voicing – a strong opinion about issues that get people all-riled-up. I try to spend more energy trying to figure … Continue reading

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I attended the #WithSyria Vigil today – #Pray for Syria

This evening at sundown, in cities all around the world, people gathered in remembrance of the three-year anniversary of the Syria conflict. I attended the vigil in London’s Trafalgar Square, where we had a light show, children’s voices on the … Continue reading

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Today I saw a random fight break out, and it gave me hope

Today my housemate and I finally ventured out to the famed Prince Islands, the perfect weekend day-trip in Istanbul. An hour-long ferry ride gets you away from the city – except for the fact you can still see it across … Continue reading

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Solidarity Turkey-Brazil: #OccupyGezi + #VemPraRua – Two videos to reflect the spirit behind the movements

I’m temporarily living in Turkey. I grew up in Brazil. These two countries have all of a sudden been linked by a deep but unusual bond: the people have risen up, right now, in June 2013, to express their passion … Continue reading

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Every few minutes a boom… the morning after police cleared Gezi Park

I am currently living on the top floor of an old building on a heavily trafficked side road by the famed Istiklal Caddesi pedestrian-only street, a stone’s throw from Taksim Square. Last Saturday evening my housemates and I sat on … Continue reading

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my little photoblog of Istanbul’s #OccupyGezi in Taksim Square

I’m living just down the street from the place-where-it-all-began here in Turkey. If you haven’t seen the news, amazing things are happening in Turkey these days! Last weekend, environmental protests were violently rebuffed by the police and large-scale rioting broke … Continue reading

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Why I Want to Hear the Stories of the Perpetrators

“Best-best case scenario, how long do you think it will take for your country to return to normal?” This question was asked over wine and lovely Syrian vegetarian food, by a Brit of a Syrian. My friend from Syria leaned … Continue reading

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So, the way the story goes, Newsweek published an article about Muslim Rage in response to the protests during the past two weeks. They started up a twitter feed #MuslimRage to further the discussion, but their plan kind of backfired. … Continue reading

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We interrupt these protests for a youtube video

A couple of days ago, I came across this tweet from @LeShaque: “In Douma, Syrian protested the movie for 30 secs before switching back to revolution mode |  #Syria“ And even though I’d been horrified to hear of the … Continue reading

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This is a job that calls for a little boy!

Driving through the Burkinabe countryside, little boys by the side of the road would run toward our racing white SUV and wave enthusiastically at us. It was very cute. But then I started to notice that there were, in fact, … Continue reading

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