Who am I?

My friends generally describe me as adventurous (read: crazy), smart (read: nerd) and unique (read: odd). They kindly say I offer a fresh perspective on things. Here are some reasons why:

I am a world traveller. I believe it is possible to travel too much and I have done it. I’ve only just surpassed 40 countries visited. To many people, 40 is a lot, but I have a friend who has recently celebrated 100. Many of my friends travel more than me, but maybe I’ve lived in more places. Some of the places I’ve called home include: Kosovo, Egypt, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Timor Leste, USA and Brazil.

I am an academic. When studying for my PhD in Sociology, I felt alive. I read theories and developed theories of my own. I analysed everything. I loved evenings at the pub when my friends and I would discuss existential issues such as “implications for society of drinking tea with demerara sugar”. Though I was never academic enough to do what some of my colleagues did – like curl up at night with a glass of wine and Karl Marx – I do analyse everything and anyone around me.

I am Christian. Culturally, I’ve always been Christian. Everyone in my extended family is somehow connected to a church, and I wear a cross that was given to me by my grandmother. I also participate in church communities when I can. As for my faith, I love Jesus and believe that Jesus loves me and that is probably the most important fact about me. Many of my best friends do not share my beliefs and I am grateful for so many different types of friends.

I am an introvert who loves people. All this exploring and churchgoing and studying has provided me with a wonderful array of friends. I love them each and am grateful for them all, and I wish there were a village where we can all live together instead of scattered around the globe. Even so, I love spending time alone and spending quality time with a few friends instead of working the room at a huge bash. I’m the person at the party who is sitting in a corner watching everyone.

I am a storyteller. And that is what I use this space and my other writing to do.

I had another blog before, back in the day, my travelogue of a sort. I’ve recently started blogging over there again, as I wanted a place to process things a little more personally than I feel comfortable here. I though no one would notice, but it seems the cat is out of the bag, so if you’re looking for that blog, the address is: http://blog.patrianoceu.org