Some more links from Syria

As has been the case for several months now, my culturtwining lens is focused primarily on Syria, so this week I’d like to once again share several interesting stories that have popped up in the media about Syria. These are the a-political stories. There is plenty of political waffling out there, isn’t there? So I hope you enjoy these stories about normal people living in a far-from normal situation.

Living in a tomb: Syria’s children hide in Roman ruins from the modern war machine: This account of how several Syrian families have found relative safety in ancient caves, which are actually tombs, is fascinating. They are cold in wintry weather, but they are protected from the elements. They are cooking what little food they have communally for each other. They are sleeping where people have entered their eternal rest in centuries past. Most important, perhaps, though, is that they are surviving.

Check out this photo gallery from the Washington Post of Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries. What beautiful people, eh?!

Feeling All Cooped Up In The Syrian Capital: When you can’t talk about anything because every conversation inevitably leads to a heated argument about politics, what do you do? Watch a soap opera together. Many, many families in Syria who live in areas of intense fighting have gone to live with relatives in less-affected neighbourhoods. So more and more family units are sharing the same roof. But not all members of an extended family agree about politics. So they need to be careful. Cheesy entertainment – or war coverage on the news… – is a good way to deal with the pressure!

Foreign NGOs operate with caution in Syria: Too little too late… This is the most bizarre story I’ve seen lately about Syria, and if anyone who reads CulturTwined can help me understand the truth behind this article, I’d be grateful! Foreign NGOs couldn’t enter Syria for a long time, but the needs are enormous, so they are trying to get in however they can to at least help a little. But it’s too little too late. That I understand. What I don’t understand is how they are pretending to be Syrian in order to do so?

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