Solidarity Turkey-Brazil: #OccupyGezi + #VemPraRua – Two videos to reflect the spirit behind the movements

I’m temporarily living in Turkey.

I grew up in Brazil.

These two countries have all of a sudden been linked by a deep but unusual bond: the people have risen up, right now, in June 2013, to express their passion for justice, peace and solidarity.

Here in Turkey, I’ve been watching events very closely. They’re happening right outside my window and I’ve blogged about it here and here. But it’s taken a bit of digging for me to reach some understanding of what’s happening in Brazil. In summary: lots of marching, lots of excitement, lots of yearning to see the world a better place, lots of begging to be heard.

The two movements have a lot in common, but they’re also quite different. I want to share here two semi-official (they can’t actually be official because these are PEOPLE’s movements, not some organised institution) videos of the two movements. I think they nicely embody the spirit of what’s happening in both countries. And… sit back, relax, and enjoy some awesome music!


Brazil (by the way “pequeno” means small – as in, anything but!):


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