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During my weeks off-line, a lot has happened. I am personally in awe of some of the protests in India and Pakistan, crowds speaking up on behalf of women victims of rape. This article particularly blew me away with the author’s strength of character.

Other news is ongoing. Syria continues to suffer and over the holidays, at least two neighbourhoods where friends of mine live came under intense attack. I can only pray they are alright. Regardless of your politics, here’s an article that provides a unique perspective on some of the country’s citizens’ newfound freedom of expression: graffiti!

Then, upon my return, Haiti celebrated an important milestone: 3 years since the devastating earthquake which floored much of the country’s capital Port-au-Prince, killed hundreds of thousands of people, and initiated the world’s biggest humanitarian response to date. Since this weekend was the 3rd anniversary of the quake, Haiti has been in the news quite a bit. Some of the news is joyful, and other bits sobering. This article is one of the more sobering, but I also found it to be one of the more thought-provoking. Not sure I agree with it, but like I said, thought-provoking, particularly about “the trail goes dead…” Hmm.

Finally, today I came across one of the cutest Kenyan TV ads ever. Not that I’m an expert on Kenyan TV adds; I’m not. But it’d be hard to get cuter than this, I think:

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