Gagnam style world tour

So, have you seen this “gagnam style” trend? I don’t really get it, but about once a week someone else posts on facebook a link to some kind of video with “gagnam style” music and some other style of dance. It seems like this odd Korean techno-ish rhythm matches every type of world dance!

Just for fun, and since this blog is supposed to be about bringing together the cultures of the world – even if it’s done through bad Korean music and amazing dance from somewhere-else, I’ve decided that CulturTwined should share some YouTube videos of different types of dance from around the world, done Gagnam-style. Can you watch these without being completely nauseated by the music?

I’ll start with the one that is, of course, my favourite: Arabic debke! Debke is usually danced at weddings and parties, and the music is nothing at all like this.

Next up is African dance, from Côte d’Ivoire on the Western coast of Africa. (There are actually a dozen videos of this on YouTube. This is just one sample.) Please… watch AT least as far as when the women get involved – they’re amazing!

Finally, I am a huge fan of Bollywood music and dance. It’s just so happy. So here’s one of many Bollywood interpretations of the movement. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched this.

There are so, so many more that I could share here, but I will spare you for now. And I hope I haven’t turned you off CulturTwined forever.


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