Book Club Questions

Are you in a book club? If so, this is for you!

My Dream for Dreams in the Medina is that it spark empathy and discussion about the beautiful diverse cultures of Syria. And I’ve been told that it actually does make good fodder for a book club. So… for next time your book club meets, here are some discussion questions to keep the conversation going!

book display1. Would you like to live in the Medina Jamaye’a (university dorms)? Why or why not?

2. Leila and Nisreen are both Sunni Muslim girls from a relatively conservative background, but the similarities between them pretty much end there. What were some differences in their background and upbringing that might explain who they became as young women?

3. Do you see Ahmed as a protagonist, or as a villain? Why?

4. What might you do if you were in Huda’s situation? Or if you found out about what happened to Huda?

5. Would you have advised Roxy to marry Bassel or not? Why?

6. Have you ever been judged by the family you were from rather than the person that you area, as Leila was by Ahmed’s mother?

7. What are some reasons why Maha seemed so stable?

8. What was the motivation for Mary and Ghalia for not completing their English degrees and wanting to be by family?

9. If Mary and Ghalia told you that they were dropping out of university as they did Leila and her friends in the book, how would you respond?

10. In the end, did Leila get the “dream”? Or did she settle for less?

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