Awesome women! One billion rising, even in Sudan…

Did you know about the One Billion Rising flashmobs on 16 February this year (just two weeks ago)? I somehow missed that this was happening, but now that I’ve finally caught up, I think it’s pretty cool. Watch this video – totally worth the 2 1/2 minute investment – to learn more about it:

Now, I saw videos on YouTube of these flashmobs in Italy, Switzerland, India, Albania, Indonesia, and a wide assortment of other countries. All super cool.

But when I saw a video of 500 Sudanese women at a university in Khartoum joining in, I was particularly psyched. In theory, such things do not happen in Sudan. Protests are not cool and, while Sudanese women are incredible strong and courageous, they don’t enjoy very many rights. But… I could totally imagine my Sudanese women friends joining in and really, really enjoying this. It really made me miss them.


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