Another touching poem from Syria

A few weeks ago I posted a poem written by someone who goes by the label “the Syrian poet”. I was impressed by how many hits that poem got, and pleased, because I thought it really captured the heart of some very dear, precious people who have fled Syria.

So today I’m posting another poem from the Syrian poet. This one is about loss. Hope and loss.



By the Syrian Poet

I had one son, waheed,
the promise for our family, our heritage.
Bring him home to me again, bring him home.

They came and ripped you from my heart
and snatched your life
as quick as breath,
and now I embrace the ocean,
hoping that you are there.
When will I see you again,
the one I bore, who delighted my heart?
I’m ship-wrecked on an island
with nothing all around me,
except grains of sand
that burn my soul
and stick upon my lips
as I whisper out your name.

Click here to read the rest of the poem at the MEE blog…

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