A beautiful poem for Syrians crossing to other lands

Recently, I met someone who we can call “the Syrian poet” who writes about the heart of the people in Syria. I’m not a poet but I admire poetry from a safe, for its ability to capture the heart of reality to its core. As much of my heart is currently wrapped up in Syria, I am really loving these poems that explore what it is like to be Syrian today. Please take a moment to read and click through to read the rest of the poem…

(For those who cross the border)

By the Syrian Poet

they say there’s a line between here and there
and it’s gotta get crossed
to make a new way
from the lost way.
I lift my eyes for one last glance–
time stands still and forever lingers
in the moment
but I’m caught in the tension
that pulls me back again
it’s a dream I wake up in
with a whisper that echos
in my mind.

Click here for the full poem…

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