Thoughts from Romania…

This last week I was in Romania. I was participating in some rather intense meetings in Romania. They were good, but we talked and talked and talked. About a lot of stuff.

So I couldn’t say that I got to know Romania all that well. We had a very gracious host who managed all the culturtwining for us, meaning we could just enjoy good food, good sights, and very long but very good meetings.

But here are a few things I learned about Romania:

– When someone tells you an estimate of how long something will take, double it. Otherwise you might get impatient. And sub-observation: everything is far from everything! It’s a big country, spread out, and things aren’t generally close to each other.

– Prepare your body for the intake of massive amounts of cheese and pork. I could tell a very gross story about how my body reacted to so much such heavy food, but I will spare you. Suffice it to say, my system was NOT prepared. If you don’t eat cheese or pork, whether for moral or religious or preference reasons, prepare yourself for some rather confused conversations, I’m thinking (I didn’t try – I just ate it… but so I suspect).

– Check out the bakeries! YUMMY! Cinnamon, chocolate, fresh bread…. ahhh

– My favourite culinary moment was stuffed cabbage with polenta. Can you tell I was into the food?

– I found it interesting to be in an Eastern European country that felt peaceful. After spending a fair chunk of time in the Balkans, life in Romania felt much simpler and calmer.

Transylvannia is, apparently, the only place in the world where they make their windows look like eyes. Can you see them? Freaky, eh?

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