the view from the balcony – left

The other day, late in the afternoon on a weekend, I went out on the balcony of the place where I’m staying – a flat on the top floor of our office – and beheld a beautiful sight when I looked to my left.

The sun here is scorching. But as the day stretches to its end, it redeems itself: the sunsets here are so, so sweet. Yesterday I watched the sun set to the West and the Moon soaring high to the East. At the same time. Today I didn’t see the  sunset, but I saw an enormous moon’s light bouncing off the ripples on the Nile. Yes, there is some beautiful natural lighting here.

But back to the view from the balcony… after enjoying the beauty of the sunset for a few minutes, my eyes wandered down, and I was reminded of reality.

A man snoozing on a matress-less iron bed in the hazy heat of the late afternoon. Do you see him, next to the chair, bottom-left? Sorry, the quality of the photo isn’t better. That’s his home behind him. My home is much, much more luxurious. We have walls and tiled floors and stuff. We have running water (which isn’t currently running), airconditioners and a generator in case the city’s electric lines go down. We have guards and cars and a microwave. And these are our across-the-street neighbours. I wonder how they perceive us?

(By the way, I am LOVING my time here. I’ve decided that the water problems that are plaguing us – currently we have nary a drop in the building and are depending on the backbreaking labour of the cleaner to help fill up our bins once a day – anyway, I’ve decided that God has given me these problems so that I am not too seriously tempted to stay here rather than return to my new home!)

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