Some hopeful links

As I’m exploring HOPE during the next couple of months, I’m going to keep an eye out for stories of HOPE. Here’s a few that I found this week:

One photographer in Aleppo keeps battling the odds – so inspiring! This guy is doing amazing things for building community solidarity and morale, getting kids excited, creating lovely things, beautifying his surroundings. In a city that, according to most media outlets, seems to be half-destroyed already by the fighting, with the other half likely to soon follow soot. He is giving and bringing hope!

School, Girls, and Chickens: International Day of the Girl – Girls are getting themselves educated, are supporting themselves and managing finances, are taking their fates into their own hands. This article describes just a few ways this is happening. They have hope!

E-readers kindle enthusiasm for learning among children in Kenya – I love this concept since I just published my novel in e-book format and so have been learning about the Kindle. The ebook looks so cool in Kindle format, so I can see how kids get excited about reading when on a Kindle! Wippee! (For my book, click here!)

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