Rainy Season in Burkina

I came to Burkina Faso during rainy season. My first day here was sunny and warm, but that night the sky opened up and it sounded like a violent thunderstorm. Eventually I figured out that it was rain, just rain, pounding on the tin roof of the house where I’m staying. It sounds fabulous.

The rain continued to trickle throughout the next day and then it was sunny and dry again. A couple of days later, I was in a small town a couple of hours north from the capital, sitting in my room working on my computer; we had just returned from a lovely lunch in a sunny garden. All of a sudden my room got dark. I looked out my window and I thought it was a sandstorm, the wind was howling and the dusty streets were blowing sand everywhere. Two minutes later the clouds that I’d not even noticed before started pouring down rain. It pounded for half an hour then came down more slowly for several more hours after that.

Because of the rain, we had to cancel our trip to a local village. The roads would be flooded, and there would be stretches where the 4×4 might only get through with significant delays.

Next week, up in a different village, I saw what this meant: instead of bridges, concrete dips have been constructed into the dirt roads so that a 4×4 can drive through a riverbed without getting stuck in mud. The water is going to flow through anyway, so they just make the drive through the water a little more convenient. But the water is everywhere!

Trees poking out of lakes, puddles of water so deep that I needed to take off my shoes and just wade into the house, and gorgeous noisy pounding on the rooftop, have marked my stay in Burkina during rainy season.

Well, most days the sun shines and it’s hot and dry, but every couple of days a glorious rainstorm breaks it up.

It’s a good thing, too, because apparently the temperatures are a good 5-10 degrees less now than usual, and it’s already really quite hot here!

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