Now it’s 2012

My ‘Decade of Christmases’ series is over…This year I’m living closer to family than I’ve ever have before. My family is still spread all over the world, but a little less than before. I am hoping this year marks the beginning of something a little less exotic and something a little less emotionally unhealthy. I can’t help but regret, just a tiny bit, the fact that I never got to spend Christmas with the Sisters in the mountains of Timor, or that I won’t be skiing in the Lebanese mountains next week. I miss Christmases by the beach eating summery foods and I hope that there might be another backpacking-in-Damascus Christmas in my future. But I can’t have it all and all of those wonderful experiences came at a high price, a lesson I learned way back in 2003. I’ve continued paying that price for years but maybe it’s time to move on.

I wrote this post back in 2011… now, at the other end of the holidays, I wonder what the new side will look like?

Raising a glass (of tea, by the Nile, in the middle of nowhere Egypt) to a hopeful year to come
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