So, the way the story goes, Newsweek published an article about Muslim Rage in response to the protests during the past two weeks. They started up a twitter feed #MuslimRage to further the discussion, but their plan kind of backfired. Here’s a few of the more recent ones:

@LibyaLiberty: I’m having such a good hair day. No one even knows. #MuslimRage

@DudeWherezMyCar: I lost my son Jihad at the airport. I can’t shout for him #MuslimRage

@Faineemae: Being the only hijabi in class, therefore the teacher always notices you’re absent #MuslimRage

They’re pretty funny, aren’t they?

Not only that, but the media, at least the media I follow, was outraged. Newsweek was shamed. Here are two links which capture the story much better than I can.

13 Powerful Images of Muslim Rage

Who’s afraid of Muslim Rage?

Personally, though, I think there’s more to it. You can read what I wrote on the topic last week. I think there actually is a fair bit of rage and that it deserves acknowleding. I also think we (non-Muslims) should look at ourselves to see what we can do to enrage people a little bit less.

Here’s my favourite of the 18 “images of muslim rage”. Apparently it was taken in Iran.

image via AP, click on photo to visit site

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