Hopeful Links – more stories of hope from #Syria

If you visit CulturTwined with any degree of frequency, you know that Syria is keenly on my heart and mind. I feel more strongly than ever that I am to continue loving that dear country and find ways to share that love with anyone else who will pray and desire to connect at a deep heart level with Syrian people. My friends in Syria are so gracious, hospitable, generous and passionate… there is much to love indeed.

So I didn’t set out this week searching for hopeful links from Syria, but that is what I got.

First, watch this video. Seriously. This girl and her family need our prayers and, sadly, her story is not too unusual. See her beautiful heart?

Next, let’s hear from a Pastor in Syria who is being Jesus, and who has many friends who have much to be proud of, even as they suffer inwardly and see their loved ones in pain: “With Love from Syria…”

My last link today is actually not from Syria, but from neighbouring country Iraq. But I got a chuckle out of it, and, really, it tells us so much about society, so want to share. When I was in Istanbul last month, we saw the same thing, so I have no doubts as to the veracity of this report! At a challenging time for Iraqi men, Viagra saves the day

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