Dreams in the Medina podcast up and running!

Dear friends, this has been a silent week on CulturTwined.

I’ve been way too excited and preoccupied this week with getting my new project up and running, and now it is! Dreams in the Medina, a coming-of-age-tale of an era of innocence in Syria, is now podcasting in 2-3 bite-sized chunks a week. I’ll be posting one chapter a week, broken down into a few different sections. The episodes average 10-20 minutes each.

So far, feedback has been positive, but a disproportionate amount of that feedback has come from parents, so perhaps I should wait for a few more opinions.

Please take a listen, provide honest feedback, and tell a friend. Currently, you can subscribe by RSS feed or by email (both links are on the right column of the site). I’ve submitted an application to iTunes so hopefully you’ll be able to subscribe on there soon, too!

Here’s a picture of me, welcoming you into my room, back when I lived in the “Medina”, where the story takes place:

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