do we really judge ourselves so bluntly?

If you’re in London, is this how you perceive New York?

If you’re in New York, is this how you perceive London?

Is there any rationale even to the existence of a publication called “Explaining Londoners”? I remember before I moved to the Middle East, someone recommended to me the book “Understanding Arabs.” Even though I confess it was interesting and helpful, the title was an immediate put-off, and now that I have many wonderful Arab friends, I’m even more put off by it than ever. As the author of the Telegraph’s critique of the publication writes, ‘What, then, would a Briton write about New York, if they were to do so with as little regard for its diversity as “Explaining Londoners” has?’

We can be so reductionist sometimes.

Oh, or maybe, was it meant to be a joke? Good one.


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