Turning the mirror on ourselves

In the midst of the suffering we see as a result of this tragedy, God has presented us with an opportunity. Every day we go down to the camps where the refugees are pouring in over the border, fleeing starvation and death. We are distributing mattresses and blankets and tarps so they have a place to sleep. We hand out bread and milk for the little ones. But we do more than that. We don’t only share bread for their tummies, we also share the bread of life. We are feeding their souls by handing out scriptures and holding regular worship services in the camp. Several of them have come to us to thank us for what we are doing, and to say that because of our example, they realise that they need to commit their lives to God.

Have you ever heard this? This is a paraphrase of many, many newsletters I have received over the years from well-meaning Christians working in very difficult places. It’s indeed inspiring to see their example. I have learned a lot from them, and while I personally have never been one to hand out a Bible with a meal, the desire to live out my faith through good works is what brought me into a humanitarian career in the first place.

It’s not actually, that simple, though.

Please click on this link and if you can spare the time, listen to the report. If not, read the summary.

Yeah, the Muslims are doing it too, and the entire West is calling them terrorists. Fair enough, but still. It just throws into stark reality how intentions and helping are so so easily blurred.

(On a more cheerful note, yesterday was the beginning of the big Eid holiday throughout the Muslim world, and al-Jazeera posted these awesome photos.)

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