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This week, much of the web has been pondering the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I have a few interesting 9/11 links below, but first, some other fun and not-so-happy links:

Travelling as a woman is great! In a lot of ways. In other ways, frustrating. Here’s a nice summary of how and why and what might be a little different than you’d expect: The Gender Gap in Travel: Myths and Revelations

Since I consider Brasil home, this kind of broke my heart. Forced evictions happen all the time, all over the globe, and sometimes in not-so-nice ways. But it’s hard to accept them in the name of sporting events! Then again, I love how this whole piece is about activism, people not just sitting back and accepting their fate… Brazil: Road to World Cup and Olympics Paved with Forced Evictions

Do we accidentally take great pleasure in other people’s suffering? This blog makes a very good point about being sensitive when we talk about painful situations: Would That I Had A Peace Of Triviality

And now, a few 9/11 highlights…

“We had this sense of specialness and invulnerability that 9/11 shattered. Given that a large section of the world’s population deals with random violence every day, one of the outcomes of 9/11 should be a greater feeling of solidarity with people who live in cities like Karachi in which violence is a part of everyday life.” But…? Read this article Four ways 9/11 changed America’s attitude toward religion

I guess you have to be in the UK to enjoy this documentary about the famous Ground Zero mosque controversy. It’s nice to learn about it from a non-American perspective – a little less emotionally involved. The Ground Zero Mosque on Channel 4 If you’re not in the UK or you prefer reading the summary, here’s where I first read about it: Channel 4 Documentary on “Ground Zero Mosque” Controversy

9/11 in Little Kabul “Feeling that other people may think I’m not American made me feel like I am American, this is my country. It’s as much mine as yours and my opinion is just as valid as yours.”

This is an interesting argument that deserves lots and lots of research! “Yet 9/11 had another far-reaching consequence: politicians took their eyes off what was happening in the world economy… In some ways, by destroying the World Trade Centre, the great symbol of Western capitalism, al-Qaeda unwittingly foreshadowed the slow decline of American economic power.” The West is still paying the price of 9/11

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