Monday Mining CulturTwining on the Web: Gender

This week, there were quite a few interesting articles about gender relations on the web. If nothing else, they serve as a good reminder, that the distance between men and women remains vast. But that women are actively pointing out the inherent unfairness.

I’ll pause here for a little rant: I believe in gender equity but not gender equality, meaning that I believe that men and women will never be entirely and absolutely equal in every way but that equal levels of respect are in order. We simply have different roles and different sets of hormones driving different passions. That being said, it infuriates me time and again when men fail to realise how far we are from equity: too often, women simply do not receive equal respect in our world. (Yes, once in a while, it’s the men who don’t receive the respect, but that doesn’t happen as often, I maintain. And I like to think that women realise it when we don’t respect men. Too often men will say the most disparaging things and think that what they said was perfectly acceptable.)

Anyway, so women in the cybersphere have been busy pointing out some of the ways in we are still far from achieving equity.

Level of Tolerance: Stoning ‘Jezebel’ : ZCAS sex tape A chilling critique of an unfortunate series of events that happened in Zambia. Apparently a sex video was circulated of two consenting university students. This is apparently illegal in Zambia. Apparently the blogosphere condemned the woman but didn’t really stop to mention the man. Clearly we have a problem.

Level of Freedom: Saudi Arabia: Outrage Over 10 Lashes for Female Driver The law in Saudi Arabia banning women from driving is reasonably well-known around the world.  What I like about this article is how it gives an account of what women are doing about it, how much personal risk they are willing to go to, in order to reveal the injustice of this law.

Level of Business-Savvy: Why women find it so hard to play the visiting card Actually, this is one that us women do to ourselves. We don’t play the networking shmoozing game well, and that’s how you get ahead in the business world. It’s true, to be professionally successful, ladies, you kind of have to act like a man! Many of us just aren’t good at that, or prefer to be ourselves than act like men.

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