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Hi, friends… I’ve seen some interesting things online this weekend. I’d love to read through them all together with you, and discuss them over coffee, but instead I’ll try to share just a few that have at least some thin common thread between them!

First, I lost more than an hour of my life considering whether “the Bible is clear”. Or not. (On a topic we generally either try to avoid talking about, or else inevitably sound judgmental.) And if the Bible is not clear, does that make it any less from-God? And if it is clear, what exactly is it saying? And if it’s not clear, how do we make wise decisions? AND… what really kept my attention, was that the particular topic debated in this post is something so personal and sensitive to so many people, that I found myself offended by the Bible-is-clear people, on behalf of all women whose life hasn’t been perfect. If you have any wisdom to add to the discussion, please tell me!

So, that whole debate brought up in my mind, once again, the issue of women’s dignity, something that much of the world seems to blatantly disregard even though it’s so precious and personal… Here are a few more.

Asylum Abroad is Afghan Rape Survivor’s Only Hope – According to the article, this woman was arrested and convicted of adultery, because she got pregnant when she was raped. And, she’s one of many women in her situation, but she’s fortunate enough to have a Western lawyer take on her case. So she could get asylum abroad, but it looks like she’s going to marry her rapist, father of her daughter. The article goes on with more sadness, but this is really enough, isn’t it?

This blogger was not arrested because she was a woman, although she is. She seems like a woman I really want to admire. But she’s currently in a Syrian jail. Lord, have mercy.

And this woman was not fired from her job because she was a woman, although she is. Situations like this are so he-said-she-said, that it’s hard to imagine what life was really like for a Christian Arab duty free worker in London with Muslim colleagues. But there must have been some sort of tension if indeed she is now unemployed and the Muslim men accused of harassing her are still working. Lord, have mercy.

These guys come across as the antithesis of women: football hooligans is one of the most masculine images I can conjure in my mind. But this account of their spirit, passion and commitment has me inspired!

And, finally for this week, on an entirely unrelated note, this article is so perfectly accurate. I love it! Click on the photo for the link and then go take a walk.

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