Monday Mining: Culturtwining on the Web

Every Monday on CulturTwined, I’m hoping to have a number of interesting links to articles I’ve seen in the past week about culturtwining around the world. Do you have some good links? Put them in the comments section and I’ll add them to the list today or next week!

This is a bit outdated, but I only read it this week and thought it was Fabulousíssimo: Nothing messes with our stereotypes like a good role-play reversal of roles: Africa to send troops, food parcels to UK as riots spread

I’m actually planning on writing about Turkey and Armenia tomorrow. Turkey + Armenia = Problems. Usually. But this happy story indicates that things are maybe getting better: Turkey: An Armenian Adventure on Two Wheels

If you follow no other link on this list today, please check out the following two links and read the comments threads. Then come back here and tell me what you think! I’m in awe of this debate between conservative Catholic mothers and a network of atheist LGBTs. If ever there was some culturtwining to happen in this world, that is probably it, and to the likes of things, it’s not going so well. Tell me, please, is there any way to get these two groups talking, really talking? original post: Can’t Even Go to the Park  This is where I found the story and was just taken aback by the comments thread: Stacy makes the mistake of blogging about a gay public display of affection

In this new phase of Libya’s revolution, lots of discussions are happening about what’s next. Though the volume of news time devoted to Libya seems to have decreased, I find the aftermath much more interesting and relevant. Check out this spot-on article about the role of women: Libya will only become inclusive when women are given a say in its future

The reality of culturtwining is that we care more when we are meet the people we might be inclined to care about. What’s the relationship between the number of Africans immigrating to the U.S. and U.S. Africa policy? Huge Rise in the Number of African Born Immigrants in the USA

And finally, some humour. The link says it all, but click through for details: Mourners for traditional Greek Orthodox funeral service surprised when served cocaine-coated biscuits.

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