Culturtwining Misunderstanding – gotta love it!

I’d totally forgotten about this but it just cracked me up all over again. Hope you enjoy!

A co-wife?, somewhere in the Middle East, 2 September 2008

Imagine this scenario, then tell me, can you explain how the arab girl reached her conclusion at the end?

Western chic to Arab chic: “So, what’s happened with you? Any news?”
Arab chic replies: “No. Nothing.”
Wc: “What happened to… that one who was going to come meet you?”
Ac: “He, well, he flew away. He’s gone, gone like a bird.”
Wc: “Oh. Is there anyone else?”
Ac: “Well, there’s a family in the neighbourhood looking for a wife for a man who owns a farm, and there’s also two established city men looking for wives.”
Wc: “And?”
Ac: “I don’t know. They might not be good moral men.”
Wc: “Well, we’ll see, right?”
Ac: “Yes. We’ll see. It’s all in God’s hands. What about you, any developments?”
Wc: “Me? Oh you know me, not much.”
Ac: “What about that one guy…? Did he propose?”
Wc: “Him? Hardly! You know, with us Westerners, these things take time!”
Ac: “Yes, but you’ve known each other for months, haven’t you?”
Wc: “But we’re only friends.”
Ac: “Friends?”
Wc: “You know, we just talk. It takes a while to get to know someone, anyway.”
Ac: “Is he engaged?”
Wc: “No.”
Ac: “You asked him?”
Wc: “No. But he’s not engaged.”
Ac: “Has he asked you if you’re married?”
Wc: “No!”
Ac: “Has he asked you if you’re in love? If you have any proposals waiting? If you want to get married?”
Wc: “No.”
Ac: “Why not?”
Wc: “I don’t know. It’s just not something we talk about a lot.”
Ac: “But you’d like to marry him.”
Wc: “I don’t know. It’s too early to know. But since you mention it, that reminds me that I did have a very strange dream about him.”
Ac: “Really? What did you dream?”
Wc: “Well, I dreamed that he was married.”
Ac: “He’s married?! You didn’t tell me that!”
Wc: “No, no, he’s not married. Just in my dream. But we were still friends.”
Ac: “So you married him.”
Wc: “No, we were just talking. And he brought his wife to meet me.”
Ac: “Oh… I get it. So what the dream means is that he married you and then he got a second wife. Your co-wife.”

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