A very multicultural litany of thanks

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving in the U.S., I’m going to ignore the various ideas I had for culturtwininy posts and just give thanks. I’ll work my way backwards by countries I’ve lived in during the past years: something I’m thankful about each stop on my journey…

UK: Walking, walking, walking everywhere! Wonderful friends who have taught me about unconditional love and acceptance.

Sudan: Henna. and Actually feeling like what we’re doing is making a difference. and Jogging at the UN compound.

Egypt: Sunsets over the Nile while running on the treadmill at my posh hotel. and Very very wonderful Egyptian coworkers who somehow stole a bit of my heart.

Haiti: Sunsets over Port au Prince. and Riz sauce Poir (Rice with Pea sauce… YUM). and The infectious energy that everyone seems to have there.

Indonesia: Sunsets after tropical thunderstorms (am I getting repetitive?). Colleagues who taught me at least half of what I know, and who also love food.

Timor Leste: Sunsets over Areia Branca (don’t worry, this is the last one). Learning how to love a good party. and Remembering my Brasilian-ness.

Syria: Friends who call me “sister” and “daughter”. People who taught me the other half of everything I know. Oh, and the food… THE FOOD

Kosovo: Macchiattos. Friends and co-workers and people-on-the-street who demonstrate what it means to be optimistic in the middle of a long harsh winter. and Living next to a Jazz Club.

Cyprus: Coffee shops. and The opportunity to focus, really focus, on my writing.

Jordan: Discovering that there is an Arab country that really cares about the environment. Working on an absolutely amazing women’s empowerment programme.

U.S.: My family… I miss them so. Great shopping. Dear friends who love me even though I’m so transient. The home of Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies.

Yes, I sure do have a lot to be grateful for. I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s blogs with their stories of thanks this week. If you don’t have a blog (or if you do and feel like it), tell me in the comments section what you’re thankful for!

Indonesian Sunset

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