The year before, I was all over the place: from Jordan to the U.S. to England to Cyprus. Looking for a job will do that to a girl. I had no idea what I was going to do for the holidays until the 23rd. Up until that point I was in my parents’ empty house in Worthing. On the 23rd I took a bus to Bristol to spend Christmas with my fantabulistic friends there, then on Boxing Day I flew to Cyprus to join my parents and friends. I think I’ve grown up a lot since that. I say that because I don’t think I research plane tickets as obsessively as I did during December of 2008.

This year feels a little reminiscent of that year, as I’m in a phase of waiting, wanting to get things moving but unable to until people stop enjoying their holidays. Holidays are good, but when you’re waiting for people to get things done, well, I’m not super skilled at forgetting all this and just enjoying. Something I need to work on for sure. Anyway, here are three posts about that period of waiting:

No Plans for Christmas: Lessons I’m Learning, part 1

No Plans for Christmas: Lessons I’m Learning, part 2 (I LOVE this post – if you read one, read this one)

No Plans for Christmas: Lessons I’m Learning, part 3

Haha... I just remembered that Holidays 2008 was when I discovered yoga!

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