Good books / Bons Livros

When I first started CulturTwined a year and a half ago, I intended to fill this section with some good culturtwining book suggestions. Well, in the meantime, I’ve discovered that I’m the type of person for whom books are fleeting. I read them, I enjoy or don’t enjoy them, and then I move on to the next book. And I’m not particularly disciplined in making a note of the ones I want to remember. I will try to improve. In the meantime, I apologise because you clicked on a link that doesn’t help you very much.

Quando inaugurei Culturlaçadas há um ano e meio, tinha a intenção de encher esta página com umas boas sugestões para livros culturlaçantes. Bem, nesse tempo, descobri que sou o tipo de pessoa que transita de livro em livro com muita facilidade. Leio, curto ou às vezes não curto, aí começo a ler outro livro. E não tenho muita disciplina para gravar aqueles que achei marcante. Tentarei melhorar a respeito. No meio-tempo, me perdoe pois você clicou num link que não tem muito conteúdo interessante.

  • Andy J McNeill

    The bible is a good one, actually, I think. OK so it’s not written recently, but there are many intersections of culture in there. History can teach about today.

    I like books which highlight common human similarities across cultures.
    GK Chesterton’s The Everlasting Man is a good one for this in my opinion.

    And I don’t know if you’ve read The Rock of Tanios. I found it an interesting glimpse into another culture.

    But the best insights into another culture are from the people you meet from other cultures. I go to an international church, which started as an outreach into the Asian community. So I have many opportunities to worship, talk, and visit with people of many types.

    Bless you! It’s really good to read a little of your blog, your conversations and authorship. I don’t have a PhD but I’ve studied and researched into philosophies and theology, just because I love it.

    This is Andy from CC by the way. I sent you my e-mail address there, by the way. On today, 1st Sept.