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Welcome to CulturTwined!… Bem-Vindo a CulturLaçadas!

a bilingual blog of multi-cultural stories
um blog bilingue com histórias multi-culturais

I chose holding hands as the theme of this blog because our lives are all intertwined across the world. Holding hands is a symbol of love, a recognition that we need each other, a moment of physical contact with another person. God created each one of us – our differences are an opportunity to learn, to enrich our own experiences.

Escolhi māos dadas como tema deste blog porque as nossas vidas, em todos os cantos do mundo, sāo entrelaçadas. Māos dadas sāo um símbolo de amor, um reconhecimento de que precisamos um do outro, um momento de contato físico com outro ser humano. Deus criou a cada nós, e as diferenças entre nós sāo uma oportunidade de aprender, de enriquecer nossas próprias vidas.

In this space, I tell stories of interesting, different people who I meet or who I have met in the past. I also comment on current events and issues that have to do with contact between different cultures. I would also love for you to contribute stories which I will gladly share here.

Neste espaço, conto histórias de pessoas interessantes e variadas que conheço ou que já conheci. Também faço comentário sobre eventos atuais e assuntos que tem a ver com contato entre culturas diferentes. E adoraria se você contribuisse com histórias que terei enorme prazer em compartilhar aqui.

Join me in building a community that loves diversity, loves learning, and loves a good story!

Participe comigo em formar uma comunidade que ama a diversidade, ama aprender, e curte uma boa história!

Email me if you have a story or a picture to share… perhaps an encounter you had while travelling, or with someone new to your community… perhaps something unexpected you learned about a different culture or language… maybe even a good recipe for food from a part of the world different from where you live! As long as it is in good taste, I’ll post it on this site.

Me escreva se você tiver uma história ou uma imagem a compartilhar… talvez um encontro que teve numa viagem, ou com uma pessoa nova no seu bairro… talvez algo inesperado que você aprendeu sobre uma cultura ou lingua diferente… quem sabe até uma boa receita para um prato de uma parte do mundo diferente de onde você mora! Contanto que seja de bom gosto, compartilharei neste site.

I had another blog before, back in the day, my travelogue of a sort. I’ve recently started blogging over there again, as I wanted a place to process things a little more personally than I feel comfortable here. I though no one would notice, but it seems the cat is out of the bag, so if you’re looking for that blog, the address is:

  • Kati, I just think we have to meet “in real life” before you leave conus. I am going to miss your thousand words. Since I live in the usa and havent the opportunity or time to travel at this time of my life, Im afraid I won’t fit your new format. I’m leaving town next week. Will you be in the dc area much longer? I’d love to meet you. Sorry about the hurricane. My house got broken and it’s taking up a lot of my time. Good luck with your new site.

  • This will be such a perfect fit for you. I look forward to reading the things you and others will share. Subscribing…

  • congrats on the new blog! This sounds so fun and interesting!

  • Veronica Barbosa

    Hi Katie, its nice to see this in Portuguese. Please remind me what your links with Brazil and Portuguese are…why did you live in Brazil in the first place?!!!! I have just got back from Côte d’Ivoire, where I worked with Save the Children. I hope all is well and let me know if you have any plans of coming to Rio. Cheers, Veronica (ps am becoming a bit like you, lived in Sudan, Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire and France this year… I found it wonderful, but tough).

    • Hi Verônica… Wow, way to go on all the travelling! But don’t let it take over you 😉 I grew up in Brasil – my dad worked there throughout my childhood, so it very much feels like home. But I’m from SP and only visit Rio from time to time… Now I’m in England so if you’re ever passing through, let me know!

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