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For two years now, off and on I have participated in the Imperfect Prose community. When I lived in Darfur, Imperfect Prose was my church. The work week in Sudan would end late Thursday afternoon and between close of business and the beginning our guesthouse movienight which started at 9:00 curfew, I would pore through the posts of other Imperfect Prosers, reading their meditations, taking spiritual lessons, sharing in faith with them.

When I left Sudan, my travel schedule and busy Thursdays took over. Plus, for the first time in years, I had access to real flesh and blood friends within a reasonable distance (even if that reasonable distance was a 4-hour plane ride, that was much better than the multiple flights and overnights and the government permissions required to visit a friend from Darfur). I reveled in this newfound rediscovery of, well, my life, and dropped out of Imperfect Prose.

A year and a half later, I am finally settled in to living somewhere. I finally have something that very vaguely resembles a routine. I have a church community and a combination of Flesh-and-Blood, Skype and Facebook friends. And I’ve decreased my work load to the bare minimum needed to support myself, because I want time to create.

At first, I couldn’t create. I was way too busy absorbing the creativity of others, mindlessly watching life go by, sleeping, and catching up on my friends’ news. I discovered that my friends’ lives had moved forward while mine was paused to accommodate for several years of global adventure. I had to take in all the creation (mostly of babies and engagement rings) that had happened in my absence.

But during the past few months, I have begun to create again (check out my current project: ebook of my novel Dreams in the Medina!) And in the process of creating, I have found myself drawn back to the Imperfect Prose community. It’s a community that is wildly diverse, with people from all genders and nationalities and professions posting, from around the world. But most of Imperfect Prose lives a life very different from mine. Most Imperfect Prosers are mothers of young children, most live in the U.S. or Canada, most have much deeper spiritual meditations than I could ever come up with.

So I suppose it is appropriate to see that this week we’ve been given a prompt for Imperfect Prose, and that prompt is “create”, because it is in the presence of people who are different from me that I create. It is in your creation that I am rediscovering my core. And it is the shared venture of creating something that brings us together.

A deep thank you to my dear friend from my early CulturTwining years, way back in Lebanon, Emily, for creating community!

Just a photo for fun... random creativeness, I like to think. My first time (and only, now that I think about it!) skiing was in Lebanon in 2003.

Just a photo for fun… random creativeness, I like to think. My first time (and only, now that I think about it!) skiing was in Lebanon in 2003.

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  • Danelle

    What beautiful tribute. So glad you linked today. God places that longing in our hearts to create, doesn’t He? We may take breaks to be inspired once again, but He always draws us back. Have a beautiful day friend.

    • I do wonder if each and every one of us has that longing, or if it’s a characteristic of people who write, who join communities like Imperfect Prose. Either way, it is good to know that we never lose it just go through cycles. Thank you so much! 🙂

  • smoothstones

    Welcome back, Dear Kati. I don’t think you realize how very much you teach us.

    • Awww, thanks – you made my day! I also love learning about your world through your open sharing so thank you for always being so real with us your readers

  • I think you are very creative, Kati. You always bring a perspective that this middle-aged housewife in America finds so fresh. It creates new thoughts in my mind (well, maybe that means I’M being creative, too, to allow your words to help me think differently, ha). Anyway, always glad to hear what you have to share. And how exciting about your novel!!!

    • Lisa… you are a person I feel very privileged to have met through this community, and I am honoured by your kind words. Definitely your creativity is a key ingredient of this whole thing! 😉

  • Yay, Kati! You are “home”, in a sense, but a definite settling down with family and friends seems to be happening. One thing I’ve found from staying put, as much as I dreamed of a one-house-lived life, God may not have created me (my personality, my unique person) exactly to be that way (hence many homes, places, under my belt). All that to say, the actual staying put, isn’t always easy. Thankfully, Hubby and I knock out those travel bugs by going places. I look forward to hearing more of your journey!

    • Yeah, my almost-year-and-a-half in London (which has included quite a bit of travelling too!) has taught me that I’m never going to be the stable type of person that most of my friends are. Travel, bonding with people who are different from me, exploring the beautiful diversity of God’s earth… these things define who I am. But having a home base to come back to at the end of a trip is also changing my life dramatically – for the better 😉 I think maybe I’m a bit less of a basket case now than I was a year ago. I’m glad you have the bug… it’s a healthy one 😉

  • HisFireFly

    Welcome back to this gathering of wanderers finding strength in each other weakness as we submit it all to Him!

    • Thank you! I love finding strength in weakness – I guess that’s how I know I’ve come to the right place. I’m honoured to “know” you

  • Emily Wierenga

    oh kati, how cool is it that we met way back in lebanon, some 11 years ago, and here we are still fellowshipping? i love you so much friend.

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