Some happy Istanbul Photos

I’m not the best photographer in the world, and really, this isn’t a travel blog, though maybe it should be considering how much I travel. But Istanbul was one of the first times I’ve ever gone anywhere just to have a break. It was a novel experience, and I didn’t do a whole lot of culturtwining at all! Just relaxation with a good friend.

(Actually, there was a little bit of culturtwining, but it was of a rather personal and sensitive nature. Doesn’t that just make you so curious! But I’m not going to tell you, not here.)

And Istanbul is truly a breathtaking city. So here are some photos to celebrate that.

just your average rooftop balcony, taken from the Asia side looking towards the Europe side. It’s a 15 minute ferry ride from Europe to Asia, or from Asia to Europe. Is this city awesome or what?!

the view from the rooftop terrace where we ate breakfast. And drank coffee. And read books. And just hung out for hours and hours on end.

Istiklal street. It’s just super-duper awesome. Rather than describe it, I will urge you to visit yourself! Unfortunately, though, in the afternoon it got way too crowded for my taste.

In the mornings, as we were eating breakfast, thousands if not millions of seagulls would fly in from the sea and land on every available flat (or flat-ish) surface in the neighbourhood. This guy was on the chimney of our hotel.

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