Have a HOPEful Christmas

On Sunday, I am off to spend the holidays with my niece and nephew (and their parents, and their great-grandparents – sadly, the grandparents won’t be there). I’m so excited – I feel like such a grown-up using my frequent flyer miles to travel to spend Christmas with my family. This is how normal people travel. My traveling history is usually anything but.

I am hopeful for a happy Christmas, and I want to wish whatever culturtwining friends I have a hopeful and happy Christmas as well.

As I write this, I remember last year at this time. It was my first Christmas in London but I still didn’t have a home to live in, though I had wonderful friends and family happy to host me for as long as it took. I wanted to enjoy my first Christmas “living” somewhere but I was recovering from a lot of stress and a bit of trauma I suppose, and I was facing the challenges of the incredibly-stressful British housing system. So I suppose I didn’t enjoy it as much as I might have.

But such seasons are a great time of reflection, and one thing I really enjoyed last Christmas was reliving many of my CulturTwining Christmases Past. A parade of people, places and precious (and a few not-so-precious) memories remind me of the rich life I’ve lived so far. Do take a read:

  • 2001 (Syria, Brazil)
  • 2002 (Syria, Turkey)
  • 2003 (Lebanon)
  • 2004 (Syria, Lebanon)
  • 2005 (UK)
  • 2006 (postgraduate blur)
  • 2007 (UK, Syria… you can see why Syria is so important to me!)
  • 2008 (UK but barely, Cyprus)
  • 2009 (Malaysia)
  • 2010 (Lebanon, UK)
  • 2011 (UK)

And now, like normal people do when they travel, I’m signing off CulturTwined until next year!

Happy Hoping, Happy Feasting, Happy Family Time to you.

random photo by my parents’ christmas tree last year

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