Monday Mining Culturtwining on the Web

While traveling, I’m so behind on my online reading! But here are a few VERY interesting articles I’ve come across this week:

Have you ever seen something rather mockable and said, “That’s so gay!” Well, this article points out that “Calling children ‘gay’ is just playground bullying” and explores a bit of what underlying stereotypes are probably involved. I don’t know if it’s true, but the title at least makes a good point. (And it reminded me of Kurt in Glee, possibly my favourite TV show these days.)

I want to think it’s not true, but then again, maybe it is. FBI manual: Muslims are terror sympathisers Personally, I think that any culturtwining training that doesn’t present multiple ways to understand a ‘different’ group is doing the trainees an injustice. Sure, say that some people think Muslims are terror sympathisers. And then say that many people think Muslims are devout religious anti-terrorist people. And then remind the FBI agents that not all Muslims are the same… right? right?

This is just utterly fantastic! Turkish-English-Male-Female… lessons to be learned from people different from us. As usual, these lessons come to us courtesy of Football! Turkish women show how the beautiful game of football should be supported

“Arab Jew” – The middle eastern complexities seem to get more and more tied up in knots, with little sign of unwinding. In the last few generations, it has sadly gotten worse, as indicated by more and more resistance to spending time with other Middle Easterners of a different religion or ethnicity or what-not. This blog explores that through the story of a woman who is Jewish and Arab coming to the grips that she can really be fully both: Lihi Yona | I am an Arab Jew (English is below the Hebrew – scroll down!)

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