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monday mining culturtwining on the web

This week, much of the web has been pondering the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I have a few interesting 9/11 links below, but first, some other fun and not-so-happy links: Travelling as a woman is great! In a lot of … Continue reading

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My 9/11 story

Many people have them; I definitely do. In a strange way, 9/11 has shaped the rest of my life. On roughly 9/1, I flew from Brazil, where I’d spent the last few months, to the U.S. The plan was to … Continue reading

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If you are ever invited to a Filipino party, GO!

Some Filipino friends of mine held a dedication service for their newborn daughter last week. It was at their Filipino-American church and was a lovely church service, in which my favourite quote from the pastor was, “For people in American … Continue reading

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Can you tell the difference between Filipino and Chinese?

So I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it… I really would like CulturTwined to be a discussion that includes voices from many different people. I’m excited to see lots of different examples of lots of different types of … Continue reading

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Armenia and Turkey: the power of CulturTwining

Tanya and I were walking down the hallway that was yellowed with time and dirt. It had the feel of an old soviet prison, and really, that’s pretty much what a university residence block in Damascus was. I couldn’t be … Continue reading

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Monday Mining: Culturtwining on the Web

Every Monday on CulturTwined, I’m hoping to have a number of interesting links to articles I’ve seen in the past week about culturtwining around the world. Do you have some good links? Put them in the comments section and I’ll … Continue reading

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Imagining undocumented life

During the last month, I’ve spent a lot of time on visas. I need visas to enter certain countries and to establish residency in a new country. Without the visa I can’t rent a flat – at least not formally, … Continue reading

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The best CulturTwining on TV ever

This is the inaugural episode of my new blog! I’m so excited for the discussion and exploration of diversity that we can have in this space. I thought I’d start with a clip from one of the best Hollywood portrayals … Continue reading

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